Foil Scrim Kraft (FSK) – Fort Smith, AR


What is Foil Scrim Kraft (FSK) Insulation?

Foil Scrim Kraft or FSK insulation is a flame retardant, vapor-barrier, and is one of the most commonly used facings in the insulation industry today. A FSK insulation facing is made of lightweight aluminum foil that is layered against a fiberglass scrim and then paired with a final layer of natural brown kraft paper. This is then all laminated together using a flame-retardant adhesive.

FSK insulation is most commonly utilized with duct wrap, duct board, and mechanical spin-glass boards on the outward-facing, exposed surfaces of HVAC ductwork, but is also used in batts for exterior walls, and ceilings.

What we did with this job

We installed R19 FSK batts insulation on all four exterior walls covering all of the exposed wood surfaces with foil material. We also installed R38 Fiberglass batts insulation in the ceiling that were covered with FSK paper, and taped the seams with an FSK tape totaling just shy of 8,000 square feet of material.

Summertime Gutterology 101

Summertime concerns with clogged gutters

No matter where you live, one of the most common problems home owners face are clogged gutters. The offending culprits range from twigs, leaves, pine needles, shingle grit, even firework debris (if you like to enjoy an exciting holiday or have close neighbors that do), all of which can wreak havoc for the gutters on your home over time.

Let’s take a look at reasons why – and how – gutters get clogged.

Trees are nice to look at, but…

When searching for the perfect abode, many of us seek a serene setting with scenic natural surroundings and enjoy the beauty and shade trees can provide for our homes and our landscapes.  There is no doubt that living among the trees can add to the enjoyment of a home, however, their seasonal shedding is also a great recipe for clogged gutters.

One of the main causes of gutter clogging is the proximity of your home to trees. Let’s face it, trees shed. Some leaves find their way onto roofs and from there, into the gutters and downspouts. Depending on the pitch of your roof, this problem can intensify. Gutters which are not sufficiently angled toward the downspouts can quickly clog.

Gutters become impacted with leaves and twigs which remain wet for longer periods of time. Thus creating the perfect storm for problems such as molds, pests, birds, and insects such as mosquitos to make themselves at home.  If not treated properly, gutters can begin to sag and overflow, seeping water into your home and damaging the roofing structure or worse, the building’s foundation.

Winter is long past us now, but the ice and snow from last season may very well have done some gutter clogging damage to your home. Wintertime clogs produced from icy build up may force additional snow to overflow the gutter, causing damage to the eaves, walls and the foundation. The weight of snow and ice may also warp the gutter away from the roof, allowing seepage of snow or drips of water onto the fascia boards, the interior walls and ceilings. And now that the warmer temperatures have arrived...rotting and warped fascia and structures may be an issue.

Leave it to the experts (no pun)

Don’t chance it when it comes to your home. Contact Arkansas Insulation today for a free estimate. Our team of experienced installers can get the job On Time, Done Right, and Left Clean™. We use Spectra products and accessories to give your home that distinctive, finished look. We also carry the TruGuard Rainware System which is the premiere product on the market for gutter protection. Protect your investment and never clean another gutter with TruGuard!

Icynene® Spray Foam Insulation and Saving Your Wallet

Did you know that one of the BEST ways to cut down on energy costs this summer is Icynene® Spay Foam Insulation? Were you also aware that Arkansas Insulation now offers this amazing service to the Northwest Arkansas Area?

Check out this information from the Icynene News Center:

The average homeowner knows how much of a struggle it can be to keep utilities bills down during the warmest months of the year, especially when children are out of school and the mercury keeps rising. However, you can take several steps to keep that air conditioned air in the house and minimize the amount of heat pouring in through vulnerable areas. 

One of the most effective first steps to take is to check your home's main structure, and consider using spray foam insulation to strengthen the integrity of walls as well as insulate attics, crawl spaces and more. Then, you can use a variety of alternative methods that can collectively lead to even cheaper utilities costs, no matter how hot it might be in the surrounding region.

Quick and easy tips
Utilities continue to become more expensive, especially electricity and fossil fuels. However, you can minimize your dependence on these items and enjoy cheaper annual costs by following these suggestions:

  • Ventilation schemes: Though it might seem like ventilating the house is impossible without making major structural changes, never underestimate the way air will go wherever it can. Use ceiling fans near air conditioning units to spread the cooler air throughout a room, then ensure that any rooms not being used are closed. Also, cross ventilation can be highly effective when air conditioners are not in place, so consider opening windows and doors to enjoy the breeze.

  • Check your equipment: Almost every type of cooling appliance will need regular maintenance, and failure to keep these devices functioning properly will often lead to more energy usage and warmer outcomes. Get a certified professional to take a look at least once a year to ensure that your home's equipment is working properly.

  • Find and patch leaks: Air leaks can be virtually anywhere in the home. By walking around and weatherstripping any external areas where cool air is escaping or warm air is entering, your air conditioning costs will be substantially lower.

  • Close your blinds: This is one of the easiest ways to keep your home cooler. When the sun is blazing through your windows, the house will obviously become much warmer. Close the blinds to keep the hot rays of the sun out.

Always remember that the biggest area of concern when it comes to trapping in the air conditioned air are the walls. Consider contacting *Arkansas Insulation to insulate your walls with spray foam and minimize your annual utilities costs. 


Give us a call today at Arkansas Insulation to find out what we can do for your business or home with this amazing, energy efficient product.

Weather getting tough in the Spring

Weather's picking up, is your home ready?

In the context of a new home build it can seem like one of those last minute details. However, in the context of a new home build it can be one of the most important. We’ve seen many situational examples when poorly installed gutters and even no gutters at all can cause some very serious damage to your home over a very short period of time. You’ve heard the saying “When it rains it pours”, and it only takes a few storms to wash away top soil, create erosion problems and even cause serious damage to a structure’s foundation.

Unfortunately, this can also happen if your gutters get clogged.

Northwest Arkansas is by far one of the most beautiful places to live in the United States, and for those fortunate property owners who possess a forest in their front or back yards, this can make gutter cleaning a nightmare.

Leave this to the experts, Arkansas Insulation. We can give you a free estimate on gutter and guard systems and show you the best possible way enhance your property’s ability to deal with the torrential downpours this Spring. Preserve the integrity of your investment!